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18 May

All companies are using the newly implemented laws together with the available technology to upgrade safety measures in their companies. Most of these companies are using various methods so as to make sure that their workers are safe. In addition to providing these resources, they are also ensuring that they get to perform on-the-job safety education. A company can choose to make it mandatory for its employees to attend a session on safety measures that they need to take at their workplace including how to handle certain machines. Learn more about, safety guard rails.

There are a lot of reasons as to why companies are going through all this so as to ensure that their workers are safe. Apart from the moral conscience, they are also saving a lot in terms of finances that could have been used to compensate the injured employees. This is because in the event that an employee gets injured at their place of work, the company gets to bear the whole financial burden which includes loss of production hours, legal costs, compensations premiums and also the high cost of insurance.
The most common causes of preventable injuries in workplaces are falls and slips. Slippery floors, poor illumination of a place and poor arrangement of items in a room are the most common causes of falls. A number of ways can be used to eliminate this safety hazard and they include the use of non-slip mats, safety rails, adequate illumination of the workplace and also proper arrangement of items in the room. For emergency purposes, it is important that the fire exits are kept clear. There are some cases where the space at the front of the exits is usually used as storage for various items. This creates great harm in case of an emergency evacuation and people crowd at the place because they cannot exit.

Regular housekeeping needs to be implemented in all work areas. This ensures that there is no cluttering in places of work as unneeded items are regularly disposed. If in case items such as broken glasses and machines are left to clutter, they may cause trip hazards. Another thing that is important in ensuring that there is safety in the workplace is ensuring that workers get to rest enough. This means that they should be given off days and also sick leaves. A sleepy person operating any machine can not only cause harm to himself but also to his colleagues.

Understand more here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safety_harness

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